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The PEBL Test Battery distributes a set of psychological tests for researchers and clinicians. The current version is 0.6. It is distributed automatically with PEBL, and on windows appears in My Documents\pebl-exp\battery

  • Attentional Network Test (PANT): Assess three kinds of attentional processes (in ANT\)
  • Aimed Movement Task Evaluate Fitts's law (in fitts\)
  • Balloon Analog Risk Task Evaluate risk-seeking behavior (in BART\).
  • Bechara's Gambling Task Our version of Bechara's "Iowa Gambling Task". Choose from four decks, each choice with a cost and each providing reward. Used for tests of executive control (in iowa\)
  • Berg's Card Sorting Test (BCST) Our version of Berg's (1948) Wisconsin Card Sorting Test┬«, in which the subject sorts multi-attribute cards into piles according to an unknown and changing rule (in bcst\)
  • Bivalent Shape Task Esposito's non-verbal stroop analog (in BST\)
  • Big five personality scale Assess the 'big five personality traits (in scales\bigfive.pbl).
  • Berlin numeracy test The BNT, a short but valid measure of numeracy (in scales\BNT.pbl)
  • Brown Peterson Test of short-term memory decay (in brownpeterson\).
  • Change Detection task Identify a change in a visual scene (in changedetection\) See also LuckVogel.
  • Choice Response Time Choose the stimulus letter (demo only) (in crt\)
  • Clock Test AKA the "Mackworth Clock Test". Watch a clock and see when it skips a beat (in clocktest\)
  • Comfort Scales Four visual-analytic scales to measure heat-stress-related comfort (in scales\physioscales.pbl)
  • Connections A trail-making test based on Salthouse et al. (in connections\)
  • Corsi Blocks An implementation of the classic spatial working memory test (in corsi\).
  • Device Mimicry Task Recreate the path of a 4-df device (in devicemimicry\)
  • Digit Span Remember a sequence of digits (in dspan\)
  • Dot Judgment Determine which of two fields has more dots (in dotjudgment\)
  • Deese-Roediger-McDermott The classic false memory paradigm (in DRM\).
  • Ebbinghaus A simple implementation of the Ebbinghaus's memory learning and re-learning procedure (in ebbinghaus\).
  • Flanker Task Implementation of Eriksen's Flanker task (in flanker\).
  • Four choice response time Wilkinson & Houghton's 4-choice response time. Respond to a plus sign that appears in one of four corners of the screen (in fourchoice\)
  • Free recall A free recall list memory task, using the Toronto word pool (in freerecall\)
  • Generation Example study demonstrating the generation effect. (in generation\)
  • Global Local A basic version of Navon's global-local task. This uses a special-purpose function to create the stimuli, which uses the rendered characters in a specified font to create the global/local font image (in globallocal\).
  • Go/No-go Task A Go/No-go task; a simple continuous performance task (in gonogo\).
  • Handedness inventory A short scale to judge preference for left versus right hand (in scales\handedness.pbl)
  • The Hungry Donkey Task A version of Bechara's Gambling Task for children. The donkey chooses from four doors, each door has a cost and reward in apples. Used for tests of executive control test requiring subject to detect a rare visual stimulus (top or bottom) (in donkey\).
  • Hick's law Demonstration A demonstration of Hick's law, where time to decide increases with number of options (in hicks\)
  • Implicit Association Test A test of automatic associations between memory representations. Tests association between two sets of binary classifications. (in IAT\)
  • Item-Order Test Identify whether something has changed in a text string. (in itemorder\)
  • Letter-Digit Task 9-option version of the 'code substitution' task. (in letterdigit\)
  • Lexical Decision Meyer & Schvaneveldt's LDT--Determine whether a stimulus is a word or nonword (in lexicaldecision\).
  • Luck and Vogel Change Detection Luck and Vogel's multi-object visual working memory task (in luckvogel\).
  • Manikin Task 3D Object Rotation Task. (demo only; in manikin\)
  • Match-to-sample task See a grid pattern, then determine if it is the same as a new pattern (in matchtosample\).
  • Math Processing task Compute a complex math problem in your head (in mathproc\)
  • Math test A test of different mathematical problems (in mathtest\)
  • Matrix Rotation UTC test battery matrix rotation. Determine whether a 6x6 matrix is the same (with rotation) as another. (in matrixrotation\)
  • Mental Rotation Shepard's mental rotation task. Determine whether two figures are identical, subject to rotation. (in rotation\)
  • Memory Span A visually-presented click-response memory span task (in mspan\)
  • Muller-Lyer Illusion Psychometric study of a classic visual illusion. (in mullerlyer\)
  • N-Back PEBL Dual N-Back test (in nback\)
  • TLX Workload questionnaire based on NASA-TLX (in scales\)
  • Numerical Stroop Task An implementation of stroop interference, with either keyboard or vocal response input. (in stroop\)
  • Object Judgment Determine whether two abstract polygons are identical (in objectjudgment\)
  • Oddball Task Respond to the oddball in a sequence (in oddball\)
  • Operation Span Test Memory task requiring mathematical distracter task (in ospan\)
  • Paired Associates Learn semi-random assocations between terms (in pairedassociates\)
  • Partial Report Procedure Lu et al.'s (2005) update of Sperling's iconic memory procedure (in partial-report\)
  • Path Memory Remember a drawn path (in pathmemory\)
  • Pattern Comparison Task Determine whether two grids are identical (in patterncomparison\)
  • PEBL Card-sorting Task Determine which rule (out of 10) is being used to sort cards into two piles (in pcards\)
  • PEBL Continuous Performance Test Our version of CCPT: Conners Continuous Performance Task. 14-minute vigilance test requiring subject respond to non-matches. (in pcpt)
  • PEBL Continuous Performance Test-AX CPT-AX. (in pcpt\)
  • PEBL Compensatory Tracker Similar to Makeig & Jolley's CompTrack Use mouse/trackball to keep a randomly moving target inside a bullseye. (in ptracker\)
  • PEBL Manual Dexterity Move a noisy cursor to the target (in dexterity\)
  • PEBL Perceptual Vigilance Task (PPVT) Our version of Wilkinson & Houghton's Psychomotor Vigilance Task, A vigilance task used to detect vigilance and sleep lapses. (in ppvt\)
  • PEBL Trail-making task Connect the dots. (in ptrails\)
  • Probability Monitor Watch multiple random gauges to determine when one shows a signal (in probmonitor\)
  • Probabilistic Reversal learning Identify which target is more likely to be correct (in probrev\)
  • Probe-digit task Waugh & Norman's test of short-term memory decay (in probedigit\).
  • Pursuit Rotor A traditional eye-hand coordination task. (in pursuitrotor\)
  • Random generationGenerate a sequence of random digits; a test of executive function (in randomgeneration\)
  • Reading span Rememeber a list of letters while reading and judging sentences for sensibility (in readingspan\)
  • Remote associates task A test of creative problem solving (in RAT\)
  • Simple Response Time Detect the presence of a visual stimulus, as quickly and accurately as possible in srt\)
  • Simon Task A S-R compatibility interference test. (in simon\)
  • Situation Awareness Test Monitor moving objects and identify them when probed (in satest\).
  • Spatial Cueing Posner's attentional cueing (spotlight) task.. Given a probabilistic cue of where a stimulus will appear, respond as fast as possible. (in spatialcueing\)
  • Spatial Priming Respond to a stimulus in a 3x3 grid with location primes. (in spatialpriming\)
  • Stroop task Stroop's attention task. Respond to either the color or name of stimuli. Also see Numerical Stroop Task and Victoria Stroop Task. in stroop\
  • Survey Create a survey. (in survey\)
  • Sternberg PEBL 'Sternberg scanning' task. (in sternberg\)
  • Symbol Counter Task Garavan (2000) counter task Useful indicator of executive control (in symbolcounter\)
  • Switcher Task Object search based on switching between up to three dimensions. (in switcher\)
  • Symmetry span The symmetry span; a complex working memory task requiring spatial memory and pattern interference (in symmetryspan\)
  • Tapping Tap as quickly as possible for 60 seconds. (in tapping\)
  • Timetap Tap the speed of a prespecified flash (in timetap\)
  • Timewall UTC Test battery's Time wall. Estimate the time when a moving target will reach a location behind a wall (in timewall\)
  • Tiredness scale A short measure of current tiredness (In scales\tiredness.pbl).
  • TOAV: Test of Attentional Vigilance Our version of the TOVA┬«: Test of Variables of Attention. A 22-minute (in toav\)
  • Tower of Hanoi Traditional problem solving/planning task. Tests ability to make and follow plans in problem solving task. (in toh\)
  • Tower of London Traditional problem solving/planning task. Tests ability to make and follow plans in problem solving task. (in tol\)
  • Travelling salesman problem Find the shortest path to visit all points (in tsp\).
  • Two column addition UTC test battery's 2-column addition Add three two-digit numbers and respond quickly and accurately. (in twocoladd\)
  • Typing Type various passages of text. (in typing\)
  • PEBL Vigilance Task. A novel vigilance task requiring both rest and vigilance periods (in vigilance\).
  • Visual Search Look for a target in a field of distractors (in vsearch\)
  • Victoria Stroop Task A short standardized implementation of the stroop test (in stroop\)
  • Weather Prediction Task (in wpt\)
  • Word fluency task An implementation of the Thurstone or Chicago Word Frequency/Word Fluency task, a component of the COWAT. (in wft\)
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