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Screen shot of PEBL's Time Wall Task


[edit] About

The 'time wall' task was described in the United-Triservices Performance Assessment Battery. It is a basic time/movement estimation task, in which a moving object disappears behind a wall, and the participant must judge when it would have reached a gap.

[edit] Notes

By default, the task runs for 20 trials, each of which last between 2 and 10 seconds.

[edit] Options

Edit timewall.pbl in battery/timewall.pbl to change options

 numTrials <- 20           #Number of trials
 feedback <- 1             #Whether or not to give feedback
 mintime <- 2000           #Minimum transit time
 maxtime <- 10000          #Maximumu transit time
 gWin <- MakeWindow("lightblue")     #background color

[edit] Data Output

Data are saved in a file called timewall-X.dat. There are 6 columns:

Subnum trial targtime resptime acc shortlong
0 1 8575.78 8646 0.0081885 1
0 2 5843.3 12748 1.18164 1
0 3 7492.2 8564 0.143055 1
0 4 6728.31 5824 0.134403 -1
0 5 7971.24 8440 0.058807 1

The first column is the subject code, the second is the time taken for the target to move to the slot, the third is the time taken for the subject to make a response, acc is a proportionality score: it divides the difference between correct and response by the correct time, so that a value close to 0 indicates better accuracy. Negative indicates too short, positive indicates too long. The last just codes whether the produced interval was too short or too long.

[edit] Papers using this version

  • Webb, C. M., Estrada, A., Athy, J. R., & King, M. R. (2011). Motion Sickness Prevention by 8 Hz Stroboscopic Environment during Actual Air Transport (No. USAARL 2011-21). ARMY AEROMEDICAL RESEARCH LAB FORT RUCKER AL, ARMY AEROMEDICAL RESEARCH LAB FORT RUCKER AL. Retrieved from http://www.dtic.mil/docs/citations/ADA553665

[edit] References

  • Jerison, H., Crannell, C. W., & Pownall, O. (1957). Acoustic Noise and Repeated Time Judgements in a Visual Movement Production Task, (WAUC-IR-b7-54), Wright Air Development Center, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.
  • Jerison, H. & Arginteanu, J. (1958). Time Judgements, Acoustic Noise, and Judgement Drift, (WADC-TR-57-454) Wright Air Development Center, Wright- Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio (AJ-130963).

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