Partial Report Procedure

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Screen shot of PEBL's Partial Report Procedure


[edit] About

Classic partial report procedure used to assess decay time of iconic memory. In recent years, has been suggested provide early warning sign for alzheimer's disease. At the end, it draws a graph depicting accuracy by delay time.

[edit] Notes

  • Located at partial-report/PartialReport.pbl in the PEBL Test Battery
  • The 9 blocks of 50 trials takes about 15-20 minutes

[edit] Options

By default, runs 9 blocks of 50 trials. These can be changed easily be editing the script:

 blocks <- 9              ## The number of trial blocks
 blocklength <-  50       ## The number of trials per block
 numtrials <- blocks * blocklength 
 ## SOA in ms.
 soas <- [0,116,137,179,326,621,1210]

[edit] Data Output

Data is saved to file part-report-<gsubnum>.txt. Columns are:

SubjectNum, Block, Trial, delay, radial_position, cueLetter,response,correct, RT

A summary of the results, with means and standard deviations across delays, is output to part-report-report-<gsubnum>.txt.

At the end of the study, an graph is displayed comparing the subject to norms published by Lu et al. (2005). A screenshot is automatically saved out to partial-subnum.png. It will look like:


[edit] References

Sperling, G. (1960). The information available in brief visual presentations. Psychological Monographs, 74(11), 1-29.

Lu, Neuse, Madigan, & Dosher (2005). Fast decay of iconic memory in observers with mild cognitive impairments. PNAS 2006; 102; 1797-1802.

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