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Screen shot of PEBL's Memory Span Task


[edit] About

This is a simple memory span task with up to 9 word/picture stimuli, which has a visual/mouse response mode.

[edit] Notes

Located in battery/mspan/staircase.pbl and battery/mspan/buildup.pbl

The 'buildup' version is non-traditional, and works like the children's game 'Simon', presenting the same stem sequence on each round and adding one element to the end.

[edit] Options

There are three versions available. staircase.pbl uses a staircase procedure to identify memory span. buildup.pbl gives the same sequence on each trial, adding one element each time.

 upperbound <- 9             ## The longest list length
 lowerbound <- 3             ## The shortest list length
 staircasestart  <- 4        ## starting point for staircasestart.
 gISI <- 1000                ## Inter-stimulus interval in ms
 gITI <- 1000                ## inter-trial interval.
 gWait <- 500                ## How long to spend at each word
 gDoWait <- 0                ## Whether there should be a 'blow-up' of the screen

[edit] Data Output

Data are saved into one of two files, depending on the test selected:

  • data/buildup-X.txt
  • data/staircase-X.txt

The data columns are:

subnum trial inputcode responsecode correct rt1 rt2 rt3 rt4 rt5 rt6 rt7 rt8 rt9

[edit] To Cite

Mueller, S. T. (2012). PEBL Memory Span Task. Computer software retrieved from

[edit] References

Croschere, J., Dupey, L., Hilliard, M., Koehn, H., & Mayra, K. (2012). The effects of time of day and practice on cognitive abilities: Forward and backward Corsi block test and digit span. PEBL Technical Report Series [On-line], #2012-03.

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