Matrix Rotation

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Screen shot of PEBL's Matrix Rotation Test


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An implementation of UTCPAB 'Mental Rotation' task.

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[edit] Data Output

Data are stored in matrot-<gsubnum>.txt.

subnum trial samediff dir mat1 mat2 studytime rt resp corr
0 1 diff <left> 000001001000010000000010100000000100 000001000100100000010000001000000010 2643 691 <lshift> 0
0 2 diff <left> 001000000010000100000001100000010000 001000010000000100100000000001000010 879 773 <lshift> 0
0 3 same <right> 000001000100000010001000100000010000 010000100000001000000010000100000001 946 1204 <lshift> 1
0 4 same <right> 100000000100000001000010001000010000 000001100000010000000010001000000100 1193 710 <lshift> 1
0 5 diff <right> 010000001000100000000001000100000010 010000000001000010000100100000001000 1844 330 <lshift> 0
0 6 same <left> 100000000010000001001000000100010000 001000010000000010000100000001100000 369 280 <lshift> 1
0 7 diff <right> 001000010000000010000100100000000001 000100000010000001001000010000100000 337 386 <lshift> 0

-In the task, the stimuli could have either been the same or different (after rotation). same/dif recorded that.

-The next column specified whether the rotation was right or left. This probably wouldn't impact performance.

The sets of 01s are a recoding of the actual matrix that was presented, in row order, both initially and as a test.

The next two are times. The first is study time (the task is self-paced), and the next is response time.

The final two columns indicate the response key pressed and whether they were correct. You'd have to check the experiment to determine whether right mapped onto same or different.

[edit] References

  • Phillips, W. A. (1974). On the Distinction Between Sensory Storage and Short Term Visual Memory. Perception and Psychophysics, 16, 283-290.
  • Perez, W. A., Masline, P. J., Ramsey, E. G. and Urban, K. E. (1987). Unified Tri-services cognitive performance assessment battery: Review and methodology, DTIC Document ADA181697.

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