Balloon Analog Risk Task

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Screen shot of PEBL's BART Task


[edit] About

PEBL implementation of a task originally by Lejuez, which is available for free download from Users may prefer PEBL version because of ability to tweak, change sampling characteristics, or to integrate with other PEBL tasks.

[edit] Notes

This task is located in battery/BART/BART.pbl

This is a fairly straight-forward implementation of the task. It includes animation and sound playback for a more engaging task.

[edit] Options

Variables that can impact the task:

  gAllowAutoPump <- 0      ##Does the balloon continue to pump up while holding the button down?
  gStartBalloonSize <- 10  ##Size in pixels of initial balloon
  gMoneyPerPump <- .05     ##Money per pump
  lifes <- [8,16,128]      ##Max number of pumps for the three balloon sizes
  ##Colors for the three balloon types:
  cols <- [MakeColor("darkorange"),Makecolor("gold"),MakeColor("darkslateblue")]

[edit] Data Output

Data are saved into a .csv file with the following columns:

subnum	trial	type	life	pumps	total	collected	burst	time
  • subnum: participant code given
  • trial: trial number
  • type: balloon type (color); 1=orange, 2=gold, 3=blue
  • life: number of lives the particular chosen balloon would have if pumped until burst
  • pumps: number of pumps given
  • total: total amount of money earned
  • collected: amount collected on that trial
  • burst: whether the balloon burst
  • time time (in ms) spent on the trial

[edit] References

Lejuez, C. W., Read, J. P., Kahler, C. W., Richards, J. B., Ramsey, S. E., Stuart, G. L., Strong, D. R., & Brown, R. A. (2002). Evaluation of a behavioral measure of risk-taking: The Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART). Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 8, 75-84.

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